Monday, 26 December 2016

410 RNO

My brother has this drawing framed and hanging in the hall of his home. It's like that angel plaque all over again.  He insists that he drew it but it's definitely one of mine.  A perfect example of how each of us have a different narrative on life even if we've been through the same experience.    My evidence for my version of events being true is that my brother is a way better artist than me. Had he drawn the picture it would have been a much more detailed and accurate representation, probably in 3D.

It was our family car, a Ford Prefect with its pre 1963 number plate.  Today it would be regarded as a classic but then it was just one in a line of old bangers that Papa Lovelygrey bought for a few quid, fixed up and then continuously tinkered with to keep it on the road.  He must have done an okay job.  I remember it fondly as being with us for a number of years.


  1. How odd that your brother thinks that! Still, we now know that memories are not as dependable as we used to think.

    1. Of course he could be the one that is right! xx