Saturday, 10 December 2016

Cute Curb Appeal

Photo:  Bored Panda
This little flight of whimsy caught my attention.  In Malmo an artist called Anonymouse has decided that opportunities for retail therapy and dining out for mice are pretty darn poor.  So teeny tiny shops selling nuts and cheese have popped up at pavement level. There's a restaurant called El Topolino as well. That's Mickey Mouse to us in the English speaking world.

You'll be pleased to hear that, in ourBrixham streets, little creatures need not feel left out either.    For  on a hill near where I live there's a wonderfully decorated house called 'Arcana Cottage.  It's certainly not a dwelling for lovers of bland minimalism as it's painted orange and is embellished with 3D  trees and all sorts.  Down at kerb level there are tiny doors like this one.    What do you think?  Are they for rodents or pixies.  Or maybe there's room for both.  It certainly looks like a friendly kind of place!

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