Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Days Out in London: The Geffrye Museum

Little trips to London with Aril from Gnat Bottomed Towers seem set to become a regular tradition.  Last time it was South London's Horniman Museum, with that name guaranteed to raise a snigger from the childish.  This time we headed north of the river to the Geffrye Museum in Hoxton.  Billed, as the 'Museum of the Home' this collection in converted almhouses, displays  among other things, mock ups of rooms from 'typical middle class houses'  from the 17th century onwards.  At this time of the year they're all decked out for the festive season. Although the Christmas decorations were  a bit underrated in this early period room, just a few sprigs of random greenery, it seemed that our ancestors liked to cook up a bit of a feast at this time as well.

I've taken the liberty of taking a hop, skip and jump through the centuries to a time near my own childhood.  I can't quite recall that normal people's houses were quite so tasteful in those days but I do remember the loopy paper chains! Making those was an essential part of the run up to the big day.

Let's skip to some details shall we? Aril was particularly entralled by the mural by Jonathan Early in the Garden Room.  In fact she's dedicated an entire post to it.  So many natural curiosities to spot.   There are teeny tiny ants in this picture if you look hard.

Even though they're not my usual bag I was very taken by the intricacy of these candlesticks.

Maybe this clock was the piece that I would have liked to have taken home the most. There's so many places around my house where it would be a good fit.

There's a rather gorgeous modern extension to the main part of the building.

At the moment it houses a temporary exhibition about teenage bedrooms.  Here's Aril posing as an adolescent who's been sent to her room.  The room get up wasn't too accurate in my book. There wasn't nearly enough Haribo wrappers or dirty washing strewn all over the floor.  The curators need to come to my house to watch and learn!

Loved the sentiment of this offering from the gift shop but not the price.  Six quid for a box of 'luxury' matches!

These lovely wooden wreathes got us talking about all those things that you see that you could make yourself but would never get round to doing so!

 Our little ritual has evolved to involve beer at the end of our museum trips.  Why ever not!  We found a deserted pub that filled up with hipsters after we got there.  It must have been our influence.

It is lovely to get together with a like minded blogger.  After all we're both  Essex girls with a twist.   It's good to know that writer's block can hit us all but even better to be with someone who wants to use their writing to share delight and kindness.    Our next little outing for the spring is already planned!


  1. I found your post very interesting for I have been to the Geffreye Museum several times and always found it interesting. On Thursday I hope to go and see the Christmas tree in the V & A and go across the road to Thurloe Place and see The Gingerbread House exhibition that a blogger from America posted about. Enjoy your day,
    Hazel c uk

    1. I would have love the Gingerbread exhibition. It's a shame I can't pop back to London! xx

  2. Nice to see pictures of both of you. Had that bedroom been one of my girls, the dresser also needed tights or leggings hanging out the drawers and a minimum of 5 water glasses not all empty lying around. My son's would have just been deemed uninhabitable.

    1. Ah yes, there's always glasses and dirty plates in Lou's room too. xx