Friday, 23 December 2016

Happy Christmas to Me!

Now I've got living proof that I'm an athlete for I have a sporting injury!  Since my last running update I progressed to a 9.5km circuit that took over an hour to complete.   Not bad eh, for a tubby fifty something who struggled to step up from a sixty to ninety second jog less than six months ago?    A little bit of internet research suggests that I've been a little over enthusiastic and increased the pace and distance too quickly. Consequently I developed plantar faciitis, inflammation in the heel region of my right foot.  Even walking about the house in slippers hurt. I've gone a bit stir crazy because I've caught this running bug real bad.  But there really was no other choice apart from letting nature's healing take its course.   There's been no pounding the pavements for a bit more than a week  but thank goodness my tactic of resting up rather than  running through the pain seems to be paying dividends.

My old trainers are about three years old  so the foam cushioning in the sole is probably a bit squished by now.  Disco Queen Vikki said that a new pair might be a good investment to prevent further injury.  I hadn't planned to buy myself a Christmas present but maybe my arm didn't need twisting too much to persuade me to self gift.

So here's my new funky footwear, a good make, Brooks, bought at less than half their retail price.  Everybody will see me coming in these beauties.   They're ready for the restart of my exercise regime after Boxing Day.  I should have a few mince pies in my tummy to burn off by then!


  1. My sympathies - my husband had plantar fasciitis last year and he was in agony for weeks. Hope the rest does the job. Love the trainers.

    1. It's worked wonders already. Just want to make sure that I'm properly better before chancing it! xx

  2. Do take it slowly...that heel injury can take weeks. Merry Christmas to you, Louis and Lovelybloke. x

  3. Some of our dancers have suffered with that. Glad to hear you're not running through the pain...I met several runners [when I ran] who had caused themselves permanent damage because of doing precisely that.

  4. Lovely shoes. Like the colour.

  5. Decent footwear is a need not a want,so your gift to yourself was deserved. Hmm. I'd like to catch that bug as more than tubby 51 year old.

  6. I don't know if things have changed but I remember a few years ago being told that a regular pair of running shoes were only providing 'proper' support and cushioning for the first 400 miles, which is only two or three months if you're running regularly. Hope you feel better soon, and have a wonderful Christmas.

  7. I started with that last year. It was agony, and still flares. I've tried taping, insoles, rolling my foot on a bottle of water that I had frozen, and stretching exercises done on the stairs. My rheumatologist has said that I may need injections into it; in my case it is probably connected to whatever has been going on with my health for the last 14 months.
    Love the trainers. The last time I tried having a run it left me wiped out for days. Strangely enough my fitness still seems to be there, as I could breathe okay whilst running, it's just the after-effects on the rest of my body.