Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Holding Space

I'm a bit of a chatterbox in real life as well as in Blogland.   Often I hardly draw breath and there can be about five different conversations going on at once.  Really! Sometimes it is good for me to just shut up and let someone else do the talking.

So I'll do that today by sharing this link.  It'll lead you to one of the most thought provoking articles that I've learnt from this year.


  1. That is a very timely article. I am trying to be there in the right way for a good friend whose Mum is dying. I've been texting her every few days and just keeping a quiet eye on her. I hope it's of some help. Arilx

  2. Of course I'm reading this with years. So many memories flooding back. I have book marked for my own read again and again.

    1. I think that it is an article that we can take from again and again because it applies in so many different circumstances. xx