Monday, 19 December 2016


I've only discovered  Eckhart Tolle in recent weeks.  There!  The fact that this influential spiritual author has just appeared on my radar after  he found fame over a decade ago demonstrates quite how off the pulse my finger can be.  Mind you I was talking about hygge six years ago and that's a topic that's just gone viral as the dark winter nights of 2016 closed in.  Trends: you may or may not get wind of them here first!

Anyway I'm so glad that I found this lovely  chap who, as well as being  witty and wise, seems to own the largest collection of tank tops known to mankind.  Now that I've completed my own exercise of belly button gazing and freed up a whole host of time I've had space to explore just a fraction of his extensive offerings on Youtube.  With the frenzy of Christmas upon us I thought that there may be someone out there who'd appreciate the moments of peace that this man's teachings can instill.

My favourite so far has been from a question and answer session where Eckhart reflects on breaking the habit of excessive thinking.   As a person who is famous for a busy little head that still needs taming, it speaks volumes.   Seemingly straightforward but so much to master.  It's not possible to embed that particular talk in this post so you'll have to follow the link in the first sentence of this paragraph.  But here's another Eckhart talk about bringing a meditative quality to everyday life.  Enjoy the simply explained profundity, the beautiful gentle humour and his wonderfully expressive face.


  1. Thank you for introducing me. I have just spent some time listening to him on youtube. At this time his wisdom is just what I need, thank you. Carole 😊

    1. I'm so glad that I've introduced him to you and you found him lovely as well! xx

  2. I know what I need to watch tonight. I'm never on fleek, as my daughter used to say. I didn't know the phrase meant on point or on trend, until no one was using it any more.

  3. I've had a couple of his books the power of now and a new earth on my bookshelves for a long time I used to read them all the time but not dipped in for a while. Thanks for reminding me I'll re-visit.