Monday, 5 December 2016

Only in Totnes: The Timehouse Muzeum

It's been a weekend of two halves with Louis.  Yesterday he was struck down with a tummy bug and spent the day in bed,  A teenager seems to be a heady mix of grown up and child.  When they're poorly it's definitely the inner kid that takes precedence.  So I holed up with him, doled out the mama love and in between fetching, carrying, soothing and snuggles, I read my book, meditated, sorted papers. That kind of thing.  Enforced battery charging isn't such a bad thing.

Satuday was a different kettle of fish.  I've been planning to vist the Timehouse Muzeum in Totnes for a while now.   After all it's only around the corner from where I work.   It's housed in former mental health offices where I used to go for meetings.  I was curious to know how it had changed.  The journey starts in the shop at the front called Narnia. I was given 'a festival wristband to add to my posh wrist.  A good start in my books!

Our journey began down in the basement.  Yep, it was very different to how I remember the place. There were no trainlines.  Back then it was just bland and tatty.

Back up on the ground floor, Louis decided to kit himself out as an extra from 'Allo 'Allo in the communications room.  He NEVER likes dressing up normally and was definitely getting into the swing of things.  Whatever was going on!

Through to a Moroccan cafe where I sat, contemplated my navel and drank complementary mint tea. By now you might be getting the idea that this is no ordinary museum.  It's more art installation. Right up my street then!  I'd have been happy there all day but there were another two floors to explore.

Onwards and upwards.  This fine lady was on the staircase.

Ah!  We reached my favourite room of all, 'Cloud 9'.  Curiouser and curiouser. Lou was well chilled in here.  The wonderful lighting made us very photogenic.

See what I mean! Here's one of both of us.    There's not many conventional museums where you get to hang out lounging around on the floor on a bumpy carpet in a fluffy room watching randomness on a big screen!

After being persuaded to leave my most hippiest of hangouts we peeped into a room full of pop memorabilia.

And then there was the perfect pairing of a '50s kitchen and cinema complete with the proper seats.  Every home should have one!  A film about alien invasion was being show. Here's me in the cheap seats!

The front room on the first floor was utterly gorgeous.  Very roccoco.  This place could be an interior designer's dream source of inspiration.

The top floor had a very happy retro feel with lots of stuff that maybe wouldn't have been out of place in my own home.  Loving that mad wall of clocks!  Old TV adverts were the audio-visual backdrop up there.

And here's Lou reading old annuals, modelling his new rose tinted specs that stop the words moving around the page.  One of his dyslexia problems solved then!  Have you noticed that my son doesn't smile so much in photos these day.  I think it's something about cheesy grins not being cool!

Oh I forgot the little courtyard that used to be a no-go area in the mental health team days. So, so pretty now though.

This is a brilliant place although I understand the viewpoint of more conventional folk on Tripadvisor After all they were expecting a proper museum and were disappointed that they didn't get it!  From the reviews, most folk though, seem to go with a sense of wonder and love it, just as we did.

The staff in the museum and shop are lovely.  However they told me that even though this is the No 1 attraction on the most famous of travel websites, visitor numbers are down.  So opening hours are limted at the moment.  It would be a shame to lose this place that is such a good fit with the alternative vibe of Totnes.   So please go if you're in the area and give me a shout.   I'd love to visit with you if I'm around. I'll definitely be bringing my friends back to my new favourite chill zone.


  1. What a fabulous fun place....much more interesting than some stuffy place full of dusty old relics in glass cases. Love the pic of you both.

  2. What my friend Sooze said. The three of us together would be fun I think.

  3. That would be right up my street too!

  4. Ah seem to have a party of four for a tour already! xx