Tuesday, 27 December 2016


It's that time when the old gives rise to the new and we reflect on what has been and what is to come. Normally I come up with reasons why lots of things in my life should change.  Even when I don't make resolutions those dreams and schemes come thick and fast.  For after all aren't we're taught from a early age to strive for more and more?

This year was a tough one where I saw off my own demons and walked with my friends and family experiencing their own losses and suffering.  Yet content is a word that now keeps coming to mind.  I'm healthier mentally and physically than I've been for years. My work-life balance has been restored and I'm enjoying my job again,   There's no desire to advance my career if what I do is rewarding and stimulating anyway.   And giving up formal study was such a good move.  It means that I can be with those that are dear to me without thinking that I really should have my nose in a textbook instead.

I'm using some of the time I've freed up to re-invigorate the mindfulness practice that's been part of my life for over a decade.  It will help me weather future storms.  I've been looking to my new virtual bestie for guidance on how to live in the present and stay connected with my 'true self. Seemingly she lies underneath the stressy one that often dominates.    The aim is to banish her for good by a focus on the present moment that can be sustained lifelong.  So my holiday reading is a pile of Eckhart Tolle books that I reserved from the library.

Here's another link to another one of his videos that I found inspiring. I'm interested that he makes reference to one of 'The Four Agreements, the one about not taking things personally. I'd been thinking all along that the teaching of Tolle and Ruiz are a good match.  After all, even if expressed in different metaphors, I reckon universal truth is going to be a constant.

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