Sunday, 4 December 2016

Two Arms This Time!

I saw Passenger at the Plymouth Pavillions for the second time the other  week.  And yay!  My concert photo of him is rather more substantial than the one of titchy one armed bloke that I took last time!  I had a ticket for the seated area but ended up swapping it, in an act of mercy, for one in the standing zone. That's how I captured a few reasonable shots of the man who, now Leonard Cohen has passed, does not have to fight to be my favourite living poet/singer anymore.

To be honest I was happier in the throng near the front of the stage even though I had very achy feet by the end.  I sang, danced and whooped with glee until I became a little horse....nay hoarse!  Passenger's rendition of 'Sound of Silence' sent chills down my spine and I was going to share that until I realised that it must have had the same effect last time around.  It featured in the post from the 2014 concert that I've linked to above. You can go back and have a look there if you're interested .

Instead I've  dug out my favourite track from 'Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea', Passenger's latest album.  I concurred with the critics when many of them said that it wasn't his best, but it's grown on me a lot.  I particularly like the reflections about bravery and cowardice in these beautiful lines from 'Home', the audio track that you'll find below.  It is a call to be bold and face fear head on as it emerges, in spite of the discomfort that confronting it brings.  For although avoiding it gives short term relief, this course quickly cripples us and stifles our capacity for love. For fear is its opposite.

They say fear is for the brave
For cowards never stare it in the eye
So am I fearless to be fearful
Does it take courage to learn how to cry


  1. Well that was a Sunday morning treat.

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