Monday, 12 December 2016

Two Cats

I rub along well with felines.  Even though I don't want any of the responsibility of pet ownership  I reckon that there's something about me of the 'mad cat lady' genre that they recognise.  Okay I'll admit that maybe some of the credentials are there.

In the past I've mentioned Mayhem, from my Exeter days.  Our relationship came to a very abrupt end as his  nose was put out of joint when I brought Louis home as a new born.   This is my latest cat-partner in crime, the incredibly pretty Lola Boo, Calamity Jane's rescue moggy.    Whenever I stay at her house she follows me around like a little lapdog and sleeps on my bed.   She's such a little dear.  I took her picture as I thought that I'd do a bit of animal matchmaking.  There's a certain tomcat who'd be right up her street, I thought.
When Lovelybloke moved into his house the semi feral Mr Finlay, a moody Manx came as part of the package.   Look, hardly any tail at all!  Apparently he can be left to his own devices for days.  He hunts and steals food from neighbours  if there's no-one home. Lovelybloke seemed disbelieving when I told him that Mr Finlay let me stroke him and even purred.  'Was he eating, was he asleep?'  was the line of his questioning. He poohed poohed the idea that Lola Boo could be a stabilising influence.  In spite of being a bad boy Mr Finlay will not be succumbing to her charms as he's had his bits removed!


  1. Once a cat lady, always a cat lady.

    1. Maybe - they seem to know I'm one at heart! xx

  2. I would love to have a cat living with me but it is not a possibility, regretfully.