Friday, 16 December 2016

Want, Need, Wear, Read

Kids are not cheap.  Mine is no exception.  At the moment I'm paying for two of those school trips that have the potential to trigger my moaning gene.  One, to Barcelona, in the summer time seems profoundly expensive in my book, £650 for four nights where 3-4 boys will be sharing a room!  I'm sure that I could get double the time away with nicer accommodation for both of us. At a pinch  I could include Lovelybloke in this theoretical break and still come within budget.  When it comes to travel, extreme thrifting without scrimping on comfort is my forte.  The other trip is a skiing holiday at half term in 2017.  £1050 all-in is a lot of money but doesn't seem far off what I'd be paying if I took Louis away myself at this, the most expensive time for winter breaks.   It gives me the perfect excuse to nip away myself with friends in term time.  It's way cheaper then.

In order to counter some of these costs I'm curtailing present buying at Christmas and birthdays.  I've had a chat with Lou and he understands.  The reality is that kids these days don't play with a whole bunch of stuff. Most of their entertainment comes in electronic form.

So we're adopting the Want, Need, Wear, Read present buying tactic.  And they'll be a Christmas stocking filled with a whole bunch of sweets from Poundland.    It feels a bit 'Bah Humbug!' but I've checked and  Lou's entirely happy.    A book, a hoodie from Saltrock and loads of pens for school will fulfill three of the categories.

In the scheme of things his 'Want' is very modest. Inexplicably he fell in love with these 24K gold plated playing cards in the Timehouse Muzeum's shop.    As an added extra, that he doesn't know about, I've bought him a card box to keep them in.  It's got a secret opening mechanism and with my extensive mothering experience knows boys like things like that!


  1. We've got too more installments on D's Costa Rica trip for school choir, after last year sending her to Spain, so she too understands the bulk of her gift for Christmas and her Jan birthday, is in the form of travel. Experience over stuff is her motto too, so all good. She will be getting the something to wear, something to read, something needed, and want, but her want list falls into the need list and read list, so doubling up on the need.

    1. The 'Wear' and 'Need' category seem to overlap for Louis quite a bit at the moment. He's growing fast! xx