Saturday, 3 December 2016

Wet Dry Wet

Yesterday I mentioned that the patch where I work, around the Kingsbridge area of the South Hams, is so incredibly beautiful, it can be seen as one of the perks of my job. Today I want to share one of my favourite spots, the road adjacent to the River Avon near Aveton Gifford.  I say adjacent but that's not strictly true.  Sometimes it's underneath the river instead.  For this is a tidal road which becomes submerged a couple of times a day.   There's quite a few of these around the UK and, for wet road geeks there's a website that describes their whereabouts.

Here's my favourite part where the road meanders across the river bed. It's totally gorgeous and a good place to spot bird life. I saw oystercatchers and those  immigrant little egrets yesterday.  Whilst I was taking some photos yesterday I spoke to a local couple who told me that the road is submerged to waist height at high tide.  They'd tackled it once in a 4x4 when they were feeling brave. Not something that I'll be trying in my little Citigo though.  I'd end up with very soggy sandwiches!


  1. I just went for a drive along that tidal road, courtesy of Google street view. The tide was out! We used to holiday around Salcombe when the kids were young. Lovely area.

  2. Maybe in other parts of the country these exist but not with our lousy Minnesota road infrastructure. IgvI road is flooded nothing good is going on below. Lovely photos and interesting

    1. We've also got some areas which are prone to flooding around here due to rainfull. It can make for driving that's a bit hairy! xx