Sunday, 18 December 2016

Finally Wired

On the last day of our Breton trip in the summer, Lou and I ended up in IKEA at Brest.  It's quite a frequent stop when we're in that neck of the woods. Of course a slap up lunch involving meatballs has become part of the tradition.

The main reason that we went there was to seek out picture frames and fabric. I'd also hoped that I'd find a cheap, nifty solution for drying my linocut prints in a space efficient way. . There are beautiful wire racks for this purpose but I don't have the space. There are also systems where the prints are held in place on beechwood rails with ball bearings.  Now I really love those but they are expensive.

And IKEA came up trumps.  Dignitet curtain wires are just the thing.   I decided to hang two parallel lines in my crafting area and then the prints could be clipped between the wires with Riktig curtain hooks.. They'd take half an hour max to put up and then Bob's your uncle.  I'd be set for crafting.

Three months down the line I've been tearing my hair out.   The job has been a nightmare.  It's been like that DIY SOS programme before they send in the heavies to sort out the numpty who doesn't know one end of a screwdriver from another.  Eighty year old plaster and wires under considerable tension aren't a good mix.   I knew the physics but thought that maybe a little bit of magic could  be brought into play.  Several attempts at doing the job left me with big holes above the picture rail on the outer wall. The fairies just weren't playing ball.

Thank heavens  for the  very patient man in our local DIY store.  It's one of those rare places that you can buy a single screw.   He spent half an hour explaining how I could solve my conundrum.  It included an introduction to Milliput epoxy putty and which of my drill bits to use to get through the brick behind the crumbly plaster.  For girl's schools in the 1970s did not encourage young ladies to get down and dirty with power tools. Even though they said that we were there to be career women we were really learning how  to cook for prospective husbands and make skirts so that we could look pretty.

Finally, finally here's the result.  The wires haven't pinged overnight like on previous occasions.  The curtain hooks needed a twist so that they'll hold the paper at the right angle but that was easy.  Pliers are tools that I'm already nifty with.    At last!  I'm all  ready for some hardcore printmaking in the New Year.


  1. It looks very practical. Good for you resuming a hobby.

  2. Argh! We had some of those curtain wires in our living room window years ago as being the cheapest curtain rail in ikea at the time.
    They were quite rubbish in that the curtains didn't draw particularly well and got stuck. I was glad to see the back of them when we sold the flat!

    1. Hoping they'll do the trick for hanging bits of paper though! xxx