Thursday, 5 January 2017

An Angel To Watch Over Me

I'm not sure if the angel cards, that I use from time to time, give me insights from a higher realm or provide a means through which  I can gain access to my subconscience.  To be honest I suspect the latter but perhaps it doesn't matter either way.  We all have to build  our own unique models to help us steer through life.  Stipulating absolute truths applicable to all doesn't seem helpful in my book.  In fact examples from history and the current day show that it can be pretty darn dangerous. I'm convinced that I'd  have got my arse burnt for my kooky way of looking at the world if I'd lived in medieval times.

I'm fond of angels where they are real or figments of an admittedly overactive imagination.   So, I was super pleased to receive this Christmas gift from my brother, an ardent pooh-pooher of all such nonsense and my sister in law who harbours similar hippy propensities to my own.  It's a collagraph, a type of print made from an inked collage, that they bought from Totnes market when they borrowed my house for their honeymoon in the summer.  Such a thoughtful present; she's beautiful.  I've got the perfect place to hang her. She can live over the bed and fulfill that most traditional angelic role of watching over me as I sleep!


  1. I love her too. If she was mine I would put her on the wall opposite the bed so I could see her.

    1. The great wave by Hokusai is there already! I contemplated having her on the wall next to my side of the bed but I've something else planned for there. She's good where she is and I see her when I'm milling about in the room. xx

  2. Did you get two angels for the price of one, or is the chap lower down something other?

  3. I don't see him as an angel, just a little chap that she's taken along for the ride! xx