Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Make Some Moths!

Photo:  Hilary Lorenz
Did you know how many moths that a grizzly bear can eat before hibernation? 'Tis amazing what you can find out from the Internet.  I got this snippet of information from the website of an artist called Hilary Lorenz.  She's planning an installation in Albuquerque where she aims that 40,000 individually , decorated paper moths will adorn the walls and celing of a gallery.  That's the same number that goes into a sleepy bear's tummy.

'That's an awful lot of insects for one person to make.' you may be thinking.  So Hilary needs help.  She's asked for people all around the world to contribute their own printed,  papercut and drawn moths to the project by 15 July this year.  The details are here.  Now that might just be something that I'd like to get involved with.


  1. You will show us if you do, won't you?

  2. Of course. Just toying with medium to use. xx

  3. Replies
    1. Maybe but could be papercut or collagraph. Also like the idea of incorporating some graphics. So much to ponder!!! xx