Friday, 6 January 2017

Modern Lullaby

Here's a  little gift from me today for all those who need to chill a bit.  I reckon that's probably most of you out there.  After all the majority of us have our stressy heads on sometimes.  So the Manchester trio ''Marconi Union' got together with sound therapists to produce this.  I had a fascinating chat with one of those once in a nightclub in Totnes.  She attributed all sorts of healing benefits to sound waves.

Perhaps she used  this song in her therapy sessions.  For it has been dubbed 'the most relaxing in the world' and is apparently blessed with powers that reduce anxiety and induce sleepiness.  There's even a warning that it should not be listened to whilst driving!


  1. Must have on my short cuts at work-and on others.

    1. Hope it's helpful Sam for when you need one of those power naps at work! xx