Wednesday, 18 January 2017

One For The Book List

Here are words from someone else today.    For it's sometimes good for a chatterbox like me to stop talking and give the stage to other people when they're talking sense.  It's a page from Reasons to Stay Alive, the bestselling memoir about major depression, by Matt Haig. What a title for a book! There are plenty of things to keep us going even in a world where darkness seems to get the upper hand at times.  Think beauty of nature, manifestations of kindness, music, unleashing creativity, laughing until you cry...........

Given the rave reviews indicating how helpful it's been to others I've added the book near the top of my reading list.  It sounds a helpful addition in the armoury of a mental health practitioner.  And of course, I know as well as most that you never know when you might need a dose of the medicine that you're doling out to others.   In my virtual wandering I've come across Matt Haig's website. Here's a link to it .  Now here's a man who appreciates the value of a good list!


  1. I read this before but didn't know who the author was so thanks for the link. Sensible words indeed.

  2. I'm a Matt Haig fan - both his fiction and this book appeal to me. I love the list in his book of happy moments. Enjoy xo

    1. Might have,to do my own happy moments post. xx