Thursday, 19 January 2017

Things That Changed My Life

Inspired by that bloke I wrote about yesterday  I thought that I'd compile a list of my own today.
  • Moving to Devon from the South East at the start of my adult life and staying.  There is a different agenda and pace down here.
  • Walking 600 miles on the Appalachian Trail and living in my motorhome for nine months. Each time I realised just how few possessions that you really need.
  • Taking taxation exams and through that learning to think analytically.
  • A move to a  different career that focused on serving others rather than acccumulating wealth for myself.  Occupational therapy also changed my perspective on what it was that gave my life meaning.
  • Motherhood: Duh!
  • Living through and coming out of bouts of depressive illness.
  • Learning to drive, type, cycle and use a sewing machine.
  • Overcoming Low Self Esteem:  A book by Melanie Fennell
  • Unleashing my inner writer through blogging.
  • The passing of all those that died too young as a lesson in living life to the full each day.
  • Making the conscious decision to live a life guided by compassion and gratefulness.
  • Learning mindful meditation and its application to everyday life.
  • Being told by a doctor that they could not tell me whether I would live or die within a short space of time.
  • Marital breakdown and the self reliance this brought about.
  • Having insoles made for my shoes that stopped pain and allowed me to walk and run again.
  • Realising that it didn't matter that I wasn't as artistic as my brother.  I could still make art!


  1. This is my favourite

    Making the conscious decision to live a life guided by compassion and gratefulness

    If only more people did this. Its are really good list