Saturday, 7 January 2017

Year Round Christmas Shopping

To avoid 'Bah Humbug!' type accusations  I restrained  myself before Christmas and resisted posting a link  to 'The Gift of Death',  But I've done it now.  Ha!   It's an article by George Monbiot about the type of pathological consumption that is rife over the festive period, a wise and considered piece of writing by a favourite journalist.  In particular he despairs about people buying tat that is designed to raise a smirk or two but is otherwise useless.  Don't many of those Secret Santa present fall into this category?

I'm not going to come over all Grinch-like here. Giving and receiving gifts that have been chosen with care is wonderful.   Lou is always surprising me with thoughtful little presents from his travels and I'm delighted.  I'm easy.  I'm a sucker for beautiful soap, lovely food and drink and pretty things for the house.    Some of the loveliest things I've been given are those  that people no longer have a use for themselves.  I'm just about to receive a rocking chair from Red Mel that isn't a good fit with her new home.  I'm very excited about that one.

I wonder if the Christmas problem can be rectified by accumulating presents over the year rather than being bought in a massive rush on a busy day in December.  By starting to think about gifting in January there is plenty of time to make stuff or hunt down things for each person that are well thought out and  fit with that William Morris mantra about usefulness and/or beauty.   Here's something that I gave this Christmas that I think meets these criteria.  I bought two of these wash bags that depict the scene of Brixham harbour.  They're  made in the UK and are exclusive to Doris, a wonderful local store.    These won't be going in landfill anytime soon.  Their recipients were delighted!


  1. My son was bought a Spiderman scooter suitable for children up to 20kg in the secret santa at work this year. Thankfully it has already found a home with a suitable small person via freecycle so hopefully we made somebody's day!

  2. I opt out of SS and if someone wants to say I'm him bug, they couldn't be more wrong. Gifts are to help the recipient enjoy the occasion. No thought stupidly purchased gifts are just burdensome to giver and receiver. I'm with you. I tuck away gifts (thoughhave admittedly misplaced some) year round if found.

  3. That is a super washbag! JanF

    1. It is...and in a bizarre twist of events that involved the car accident last week I've ended up with one of my own as well. xx