Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A Double Dose of Minimalism

I like to think that I'm not a hoarder or accumulator of material things.  Yet I cleared out the cupboard in the kitchen that's under my stairs the other day and I've now got a bootload  to take to the furniture reclaim store and charity shops.  That's just from one place in the house!   It's not just Louis' shoes and boots that don't fit anymore where there's a reasonable excuse for redundancy. Among other stuff there's a  'spare' vacuum cleaner, an electric clothes drier that I inherited from my sister and two massive lampshades that I removed from the living room eighteen months ago.

So it seemed timely that I came across this audio clip from The Minimalists on BBC Radio 6.  But be blowed if I can get the dammed thing to embed so you'll have to follow the link instead.  I particularly liked their idea of a 30 day decluttering challenge.  Now I might just do that and show you my booty in about a month's time.

To add a bit of colour and meaning to this post here's a little extra,  a TED talk by these inspirational guys.  I've shared one before.   I'll repeat their mantra again for there's reasons that it seems particularly relevant at the current time.

 'Love people, use things.  The opposite never works'.


  1. Do it! I am in the organising stage now. I have let things go that I could never imagine parting with - books, kitchen tools and hobbies. Life is unbelievably good now.

    That is one of my favourite quotes to live by. It is very true; and yet forgotten by so many people.

  2. Try konmari if you like it its life changing x

    1. That's for the wonderful tip! I'll explore further. xx