Monday, 13 February 2017

A Top of the World Type of Post

Good morning from a top floor apartment high in the sky in Granada, Spain!  I had hoped to be able to blog from my borrowed balcony that has pomegranate trees but it's raining outside.  I come to you then from the sofa in the cosiest of living rooms drinking poncy green tea. For I  absent mindedly left the tea bags to make a decent British brew in the back of the car.  I'll show you some of the stuff here in another post.  There are treasures!

I came for a day trip to this city a year ago and longed to return and share it with my boy, who is the most amenable of travelling companions even though he's a teenager.   I nearly laughed until my sides split yesterday.   It's proper Spanish here in the Andalusian vein. There are tapa bars aplenty, people spontaneously singing and playing guitar in the streets and orange and lemon trees abound. I love the vibe and don't seem out of place.  After all, I look the part,  gesticulate and talk rapidly, don't hold back on emotion and love to dance.   Maybe my vote to remain in Europe was spiritual rather than logical.

We decided to take a half term holiday which combined a city break with a couple of days of skiing in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  I only booked it about two weeks ago so I bet you're thinking it cost an arm and a leg   But a last mintue deal on a charter flight combined with good old AirBnB throws my previous advice about booking early for this February break right up in the air. Our flights and accommodation didn't break the £500 barrier.

No decent pictures yet.  I tried to  capture the ambience of this wonderful city on the way from supper last night.  Tapas of course. But a very excitable Louis decided he was going to 'photobomb' at every opportunity. Here's what I mean!   So I'll share the first holiday photo that I took from the plane at take off as it's a nice one.

Our departure was delayed.  The captain gave a very detailed explanation of the reason which involved slots.  It meant that we left at Cardiff  at sunrise rather than in semi-darkness.  Not a bad thing in the end for there was a wonderful vista of the whole of the bay.  We then passed through a bank of the fluffiest clouds imaginable and I was treated to the  sun coming up over the horizon. The light was incredible.    It is such a wonderful privilege to sit by a plane window and get a different perspective on the world.  I will always remembe the sight of four volcanos, including the terribly damaged Mount St Helens,  peeking out above clouds on our descent into Seattle once,   Whilst not quite matching that one, the view yesterday invoked awe. It was really rather special.


  1. Have a great time, you two. I have only had a day in Grenada but think it is a wonderful city.

    1. We're loving it and it's not too touristy and this time of year. xx

  2. Any chance of letting us know which airbnb apartment you rented?