Sunday, 19 February 2017

Apartment Artefacts I

Back to Blighty today with batteries recharged.  What happens when I go away is that ideas for things to write about flow freely.  I was struggling with subject matter for posts before the holiday but bam!  I've added nearly twenty items to my blogging list. They are not all about out Spanish trip by any means.

I've said before that the apartment we've been staying in is full of beautiful objects.  So inspirational! There's more than one post's worth on that list.  As a goodbye to the place I'm just going to share one thing today.  On a shelf in the living room there's this handmade book.  As you can see it's not made of paper but is ceramic in a wooden frame. And now I will let the story that is tells unfold. Thanks Google Translate

Your ability is infinite, said the bird to the girl.

Let's go, said the angel to the girl, taking her by the hand, to cross the river.

Sleep Mona with a field of blue apples. From one of these trees, a bird of colorful colors said. Your dreams, your thoughts, your life, do not forget that they are yours.


  1. That puts me in mind of the lovely Barefoot books we had for A when he was a baby...although they were not ceramic I should add!

  2. I hadn't come across them but had a bit of a Google. They're lovely aren't they? xx