Saturday, 4 February 2017

Just To The Left of Green

This is interesting.  There I was thinking that my political beliefs were just moderately pinko leftie.  After all I rub along nicely with many friends who voted differently  in elections and the EU referendum because they're  kind, tolerant people.   We're not always shouting each other down because we're a respectful bunch. Anyway lots of our views seem fairly similar.   My stance as a public sector worker is tempered by the nine years of working as a tax accountant.  I have a bit of a commercial head on me and some practices in the NHS beggar belief in terms of economic soundness.  I also have a really strong work ethic and believe that all who can should pay their way for their own personal good and that of society as a whole.

Yet this test that shows my political compass  indicates that I'm more left wing and a shade more libertarian than the Green Party...and Gandhi!  Perhaps a pinch of salt is needed here but it's certainly given me food for thought in terms of where my political allegiance might lie.


  1. I can't understand the questions, so I'm somewhere in the middle.

  2. I did the test, I ended up in the same place as your good self!

    1. I wonder if this reflects the fact that if a party is in power it has to be more authoritarian. xx