Saturday, 18 February 2017

Little Luxury: Kid in Tow

Now I'm not a swanky kind of gal.  Some of this attitude is borne out of necessity.  My clinical job in the NHS means I don't do badly financially but there's still penny counting to be done.  There's also the fact that often I prefer the simpler things in life.  Said she who's just spent two days skiing.  Feel that irony!   But some of my favourite pleasures don't cost the earth: a good book,  a pint in a olde worlde pub, a charity shop find, staring out to sea or swimming in it, a meal cooked by a thoughtful friend, making stuff -  you get the picture.  Aside from plenty of travelling I wonder what would change if I were wealthy.

I might visit more spas as I love 'em.  Remember the nudie one in the US which changed my concept of body image for the better ?  Here's my latest find, the Hammam Al Andalus in Grenada where swimwear is compulsory.  A blessed thing I suppose as  I booked a package there for me and Louis.   Unless he chooses to walk in on me in a state of undress because he has an pressing need for a phone charger or something,  parental nakedness is a no no these days.

Before we went to the Hamman,  I explained, oh three times, that this was a grown up tranquil place.  I made Louis swear, on pain of death, that he wouldn't play sharks.  We had a glorious time here in a place that has been built on the site of ancient Arabic baths.  It's exquisite with kind professional staff.  I think that these guys copied their Roman predecessors because there are pools of varying temperatures.  We had a couple of quick dips in the cold pool to be brave but mainly confined ourselves to the beautifully tiled hot and medium ones.  And a fifteen minute massage with red amber oil was included in the price.  

In the main my pre-visit  threats were effective. Louis  behaved like a grown up.  All except for one moment where my navel gazing floatation was interrupted by an 'attack' from below.  For teenage year are an odd mix of the childish and little adults.   'I told you not to play sharks!'  I whispered.  'I' m not.  I'm a submarine' said the boy!


  1. Submarines must be less dangerous than sharks? xx

    1. There is little difference between a kid pretending to be either of these things in a swimming pool! x