Sunday, 19 March 2017

A Big Zucchini and Other Freebies

Congratulations to my friend and fellow blogger  Meanqueen at Life After Money who's just published her 3,000th post!  As a tribute I'm taking inspiration from her today.  At the bottom of her blog roll she has a fascinating list of the free stuff that she's been given, found or asked for.   In homage I thought I'd do one myself. When I started I thought that my own tally would be tiny. But I've been thinking about it over the last few days and it has grown and grown. I've included gifts where these are things that friends and family are clearing out.   It turns out that I haven't done at all badly!

Super cool retro swivel seat named affectionately as the 'white pussy chair' by Mr Metrosexual, rocking chair with my name on it coming soon from Red Mel, aran and purple knitted cardies, foraged blackberries, crab apples, sloes, wild garlic and,elderflowers, Eye test lamp, pound coins left in lockers, teddy bear stuffing, an angel feather, a postcard of a Stanley Lench picture, Old Faithful optical illusion bookmarks from Yellowstone National Park, a rubber duck, a tennis ball for my dog friend Lola and a three legged table base I'm keeping for a Meanqueen recycling project all found during one beach clean up, shells and sea glass, my favourite little going out bag, an embroidered purse from a kind shopkeeper in Grenada, a replacement laptop just at the right time, my desk, a big courgette left on my doorstep (that's a zucchini to you American readers), entry to the Eden Project, a huge ugly Sports Direct mug that got broken really quickly, a bit of the old pier at Brighton, a dress , Yellowstone blankets, free stationery and tape measures from medical reps, a stove that burns twigs, four hats, a fake water drop tattoo, books again from Red Mel, a shelf unit for my hall.


  1. It's amazing what you can get for nothing. I've had to stop adding to my list or else it would have taken over the whole blog. My eyes are still searching for more freebies though. Better than buying stuff.

    1. I reckon I can add to the list if I thought about it more. I love my freebies. xx