Saturday, 18 March 2017

Diesel 10

This is Diesel 10, one of the acquaintances of Thomas the Tank Engine. For some unknown reason Louis was REALLY scared of him when he was a nipper.

I love the fact that this blogging lark is a two way process.  When I mooted the idea of getting a Fiat 500 diesel a few weeks back a couple of you questioned my idea of the diesel option.  Sure the fuel economy is good but because of pollution the UK government is leaning on us heavily to consider petrol alternatives.  It seems nitrogen oxides  are the problem.  I needed to revisit this.

An engineer told me not to worry too much on the grounds that urban pollution is the issue and I rarely drive in big cities.  He also thought that the minuscule fuel consumption meant that my contribution to global warming, air quality and adverse collective karma  would be tiny.  I was nearly persuaded until I did a little research of my own.  I've discovered Equa Index, a brilliant website which provides car buyers with air quality data so that they can be better informed.  They also give real word figures for fuel consumption which come out way under those provided by the car companies who seem to employ naked super models in hot climates as testers.

What I've discovered it that the Fiat 500 Diesel comes out really badly in air quality terms scoring the worst possible rating.   The bottom line is, on the back of this data, I won't be considering it.  But even though the real fuel economy of the petrol versions doesn't seem entirely dissimilar to that of my current car,  I'll still considering one of those.  After all, style, nippiness and trim levels also have a part to play in my buying decisions too.


  1. A bit sad reading this - mostly because we have a Fiat 500 diesel to sell, so it may become more difficult (purely selfish I'm afraid)If the French are bothered by this!!
    I can fully understand why Louis was scared by that character - evil eyes, scowling face and a big snatchy claw-thing.Terrifying!

    1. You might be okay. Are diesel cars a bit popular in France. The difference in diesel cost as opposed to petrol always used to be more attractive in your country. xx