Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Fading Blooms

Photo:  Greenwich Peninsula
A day trip to London at Easter is planned and, after the success of our trip to the National Maritime Museum last year,  I think we'll head back to Greenwich.  It's now in easy reach of my parent's Southend home and there's so much to see and do there.

I'd love to take a peek at 'The Iris' an installation by artist, Rebecca Law.  It's running at the Now Gallery until 7 May consists of 10,000 flowers suspended with copper from the ceiling.  Doesn't it look amazing?

Now irises count among my favourite flowers.  But I know, from experience, that they don't fare well cut and stuck in a vase.  Their lifespan in this state only seems to be about 2-3 days.  I'm interested to see what state these flowers will be in over a month from the start of the exhibition.  Will they still look blooming?


  1. Crikey, are they real flowers? Perhaps they are changed every night. That would be a job and a half...especially the high ones !!

  2. No I don't think that they change everyday. They dry out. See artist's website. xx

  3. I would be very upset if she used my Irises to make that!

    1. I prefer them in situ rather than as a cut flower. xx