Friday, 10 March 2017

It's Different Here

I came to Devon from my  childhood home in 1983 and was astounded at the vast difference between regional and national TV.  Previously in Essex they seemed to merge into one. For they both told stories of serious crimes, murder, armed robberies and the like.  I knew I'd arrived in a gentler place when the weatherman announced details of jumble sales in village halls.  Misdemeanours that would have seemed petty in the South East were treated with a heightened sense of seriousness. There was also a crappy rabbit puppet that hopped about to announce children's birthdays.

More than thirty years has passed.  I'm pleased to see though that minor crime is still newsworthy in rural areas as Russell Howard demonstrated when he chose to comment on  this story from Wales. Perhaps there is still hope for humanity when a  melodramatic news reporter and a very earnest young policeman are still able to treat apple scrumping with the utmost gravity.   It could well have been from around these parts for cider orchards are bountiful here too.   Give this clip a go if you need mirth in your life. It raised more than a chuckle in our house.


  1. Thank you , you made me laugh which was very welcome after a bad night's sleep!

    1. Glad to oblige. Go looking on Youtube for more Russell Howard clips when you next need cheering up. He's so funny. xx

  2. His aliens impression has me laughing every time I remember it!
    I must remember to use YouTube more..