Wednesday, 8 March 2017

What the......!!!

Photo: th1098
These were Louis' words when we came across one of these creatures at the very excellent Science Park in Grenada on our recent holiday.  'I know, I know!' I said excitedly. It was an axolotl, not the one we saw as my own photos were fuzzy. This is from Wikipedia. This type of salamander is also known as the Mexican walking fish and are an endangered species in the wild for a number of reasons. Most notably one of the only two lakes where they live in the world has been drained!  It beggars belief doesn't it?

So how was I able to identify this creature.  Well, we had a captive one in one of my school's biology labs.   He was called Aristotle the Axolotl.  A rather fine name don't you think?  I don't believe that I  ever saw him move in his tank.  He just stood there on dry land.  In fact  he was so lethargic I had a theory that he was stuffed.  So I was surprised to see that the ones in Spain were quite lively!


  1. I think he/she is beautiful in a kind of ugly way if you know what I mean!

    1. The gills are particularly lovely. All delicate and lacy

  2. I also like the enigmatic smile. xx