Thursday, 6 April 2017

A Bit Tight

I've been working in the Kingsbridge area for nearly fourteen years now.   Wherever I go memories flood back of the people that I've worked with as I pass houses around the town.   Yes, I thought that I was pretty au fait with the place.  But I'd never come across this little lane until the other day.   Perhaps it's because I'm normally confined to my car and wandering around on foot is quite rare. The lovely name gave me a good giggle.

In nearby Exeter, there's Parliament Street, that closes in to just 2ft 1in.  That purports to be the narrowest street in the world (although I've just read that somewhere in Germany actually takes the title).   Although I didn't get out my tape measure, standard handbag fodder for an occupational therapist, this little thoroughfare doesn't look much wider.

The good news was that I could get through with ease.  No squeezing of my belly was involved.  Phew!  All that running must be doing a bit of good then!

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