Wednesday, 19 April 2017

He Who Sings, Prays Twice

Ah! Such a great quote from St Augustine that I collected from a display in that blingest of cathedrals in Granada.  I''ve wanted to use it for a while.  It occurred to me today that we hadn't had a music post for a wee while so I thought that I'd roll it out today and accompany it with a song.  But which one?  This will do.  It accompanied me on my run the other day.

I wrote about Sixto Rodriguez a few years ago.  He was the subject of a fascinating documentary 'Searching f'or Sugar Man' which I'll recommend highly.   After releasing a couple of albums in the US in the 1970s fame eluded Rodriguez.  Little did he know that, in South Africa his music had been incredibly popular and influential.  All sorts of rumours abounded about the whereabouts of the singer-songwriter including that he had committed suicide.  In fact he was working as a demolition worker in Detroit.

Today's video is a street session by Rodriguez where he plays my favourite song of his.  I'm also including the link here to the album version from the film soundtrack.  It has a vibe unique to its time!


  1. Growing up in Zimbabwe and South Africa at that time, I don't remember him or his music, however the 'sound' of his music is very reminiscent of the soundtracks of my early childhood.

    1. My Arfrikaner friend does. I think he said he remembers Rodriguez being played at parties and being thought of as quite subversive. xx