Thursday, 27 April 2017

Tweet Tweet

I'm late blogging today.  My computer decided it was really important to spend two hours updating Windows without a by your leave or with  your leave! In olden times I would have caused me to go into meltdown but I'm more philosophical these days  For being fretful and impatient only causes inner suffering. So I've turned my morning around instead and have already meditated and been out for a chilly run.  Weird weather we're having. It was snowing in Brixham on Monday when I arrived home.

I thought I'd give you an update of the little business, Dementia Consultant, that I'm trying to get going alongside full time NHS employment.   Of course I'd like things to move faster but  only have so many hours in the week.  It seems that I can't move quickly enough with the time I've got.  The need for patience and acceptance seem constant themes in many aspects of my life.  Best go with the flow.

I've got a little document where I jot down everything that I achieve towards building my business empire.  I review it on a week by week basis and it helps me to see how far I've moved forward.  After all a couple of months ago the website didn't exist.  This week I've already chosen an accountant, blogged ahead and declared my business interests to my employer.  That last one is important.  I'm keen for everything to be above board.  That's the boring stuff.  What I got really excited about it was that for the first time one of my blog posts that I put on Twitter got retweeted.  Not just once but fifteen times!

Even though my posts from  Lovely Grey Day go over to Twitter automatically I've never paid it much attention.  But Salty Dog, my social media guru, said that it was important to build a following and so I obeyed.  And I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying it.  I love reading what other people have posted and get quite excited every time I get a new follower.    If you're a
tweeter too, follow me.  Go on, it will make my day!  And just in case you're interested here's the link to that post that was shared multiple times in the tweetosophere.   It's about the importance of the language that we choose to use.


  1. I have just read your post on your other blog and left a comment there. I should also like to say that you picture on there is the best one I have seen of you. xx

    1. Thanks for popping by on the other site. I like that picture. It was taken when I was out on New Years Eve with Salty Dog. The only problem is that the resolution is a little low.