Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Annual Gamble

A visit to see Zoltar, the creepy fortune teller, seems to have become a tradition for me and Lou when we go to Southend-on-Sea.    He lives outside an amusement arcade on a seafront.  You can see him in action if you follow this link.  For a pound he struts his stuff and your fortune is pops out from a slot at the front of his booth.

And here's the card he dispensed for me the other we.  Hmm!  Well it seems he's got my love of dancing sussed but I'm not sure anyone would describe me a having a graceful walk.  In fact I know quite a few people who'd wet themselves laughing at that suggestion.  I'm more often described as a fairy heffalump!  I'm quite partial to the idea of unending happiness following this period of hardship though. Bring it on!

Last year Louis reminded me that we bought lottery tickets and used Zoltar's lucky numbers.  So it looks like we've acquired an annual ritual then.  It hardly amounts to a gambling habit.  The draw is tonight so if I don't post tomorrow you know that we'll be off spending some of our 11.1 million pounds on fulfilling all those elaborate travel fantasies.  Fingers crossed for us!


  1. I shall keep my fingers crossed for unending happiness for you! xx

    I am catching up, having been on a jolly to Scotland.

    1. Didn't win this time. Maybe next year. But then we don't do badly in the happiness stakes anyway. xx