Wednesday, 24 May 2017


A cheeky visitor has been popping into my house.  Either he nips through the front door as I'm entering or has been making an appearance through my previously redundant cat flap.  He is incredibly affectionate and always up for a dish of milk.  Louis is delighted. He's a sucker for anything cute and cuddly;

He's been around more often lately and I've pondered about where he comes from.  Could he be a friendly stray who's adopted us?   Now I know I've said that I'll never have pets but what if we are chosen?  I thought about investing in a cat collar from Poundland and popping a note on it to find out if anyone owned him.  Then Barbie Nurse cautioned me against that.  She said that kitties can suffocate by getting caught on branches wearing them.

At the weekend Red Mel even gave him a name  He's called  Corbyn  because he's not a fat cat!  I decided to make a few enquiries before investing in a few pouches of Felix and a pet plan.   My detective work didn't take long.  He belongs to my next door neighbour and is a bit on the scrawny side  because he's reached the ripe old age of 17 years old.   Maybe he comes around to my house for a bit of peace and quiet.  There's a toddler in his own home that is definitely going through the tantrum stage.   And his real name?  It's Scooby.  I think though I prefer his new one!


  1. Enjoy your cat share. All the cuddles with no food or vets bills. He looks like our Mog, who goes and hangs out at the 'posh' houses nearby. They must have a higher standard of mouse as she is more than used to our noisy household. X

  2. Please do not give him milk! It will make him squit...

  3. Gorgeous, Corbyn! How lovely to have a cat share going on, you get the love and they have to pay for his food.
    You're right, cats adopt us and we have no say in the matter. xxx

    1. Definitely the thrifty way to 'pet ownership'