Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Legend About Losing It

Our campsite is really close to the pretty port of Ploumanac'h.  In fact I jogged there the other day. I've only included this picture because I'm showing off my photography skills.  I think that this has turned out blooming lovely.

Standing in the sea a few metres from the beach is the granite Oratoire of St Guirec.  It houses a statue of the saint.   I heard last year that if a virgin sticks a straw up his nose they're guaranteed a sexual encounter - pronto!

Being a bad mother I relayed the story to Lou. In 2016 when we visited the tide was in.  'Why not give it a go?' I said to my son.  He surprised me with his response.  There must have been some fledging adolescent hormones around  a year ago.  'Okay' he said plucking a blade of grass from over the sea wall.  He rolled up his jeans and set off resolutely - only to return pretty darned quickly.  'It's cold' he explained.  'Ah, you're probably not ready yet.'  I laughed.  He agreed.

I told the kids that, barring the conception of Louis I was near enough a virgin and should have a go myself.  After all I need all the help that I can get. They responded by downloading a lie detector test to Louis' phone.  I failed all three sections.  So, armed with various bits of foliage,  the kids climbed up alone.  The tide was out this year so their mission was easy-peasy.  There was already a flower stuck up the poor geezer's nostril and quite an arrangement after these two had finished.

Given that Bossy Beth's mum reads my blog on a daily basis I think that I need to give some reassurance.  All activity around here is pretty innocent.  The teens are riding around on their bikes, playing manhunt and hanging out by the pool and playground.   The only alarming behaviour seems to be that a daunting amount of sugar is being consumed.  No-one is losing their cherry on my watch!


  1. I love both photos. I don't always comment but I do check in each day and I love the gentle read that you provide.

    1. Bless you. I'm glad you enjoy what I write. I'm touched. xx