Wednesday, 7 June 2017

A Duet'll Do

Hmmm!   What shall I blog about this morning?  That was just what I was thinking a couple of minutes ago as I supped my first cuppa in my cosy bed.  Life is good except for the lack of inspiration. So I was in the process of a bit of procrastinating.   I can be quite good at that! Trawling through the inbox of my Google Mail account seemed like a good stalling tactic.   In there I came across this.  It made the hairs on my back stand on end.

Have a wonderful day good people.


  1. I really must get a Passenger album, I love his voice! Do you know his music well? What CD should I get? Enjoy the lack of rain and wind today!

    1. Know his music well? Sometimes I go through stages of breathing it! I have phases where I play him all the time in the car. My favourite albums are 'Flight of the Crow' which are duets with other artists and 'All the Little Lights'. xx