Friday, 2 June 2017

Glamour Puss

Four years ago Lou and I took a boat trip out to the Sept Iles to see the bird life.  Yesterday we repeated the trip and introduced Bossy Beth to the forty thousand strong gannet colony that makes one of the islands look like it is snow capped.  Our favourite sighting had to be puffins swimming in the sea and taking off like little fat bees.   I didn't get a good photo of them so  here's a couple of the gannets, With my rusty grasp of French I was able to learn from the  commentary that they mate for life. 'Always faithful' the lady said.  However do they know?

Then back to the motorhome. It was one of those days where a man around the house on wheels would have been handy. Whether he  intended to stick around permanently or not I didn't really care - as long as he stayed long enough to sort out my bike!  One problem after another has meant I haven't been able to ride it on this holiday.  Every time I set off there's another clunking sound which involves a visit to Youtube to  solve it.  The plus side is that the men who feature in those cycle repair videos are often easy on the eye   The minus side?  This engineering lark doesn't really come naturally.    I also get covered in grease and muck.   It's wasn't a good look with the '40s style chiffon that I was wearing yesterday.   My wardrobe isn't heavy on workman-like gear. To make matters worse I had to empty the Portapotti afterwards.  The trip to the disposal point with a box of bodily waste always feels like a walk of shame!  Glamourous I was not.

I was reminded of a conversation with Salty Dog where there was wine involved.   We were categorising our ideal blokes.  Hot/cute came at the top but close on the heels came 'They must be able to mend things better than we can.'  We were unanimous in agreement.  What a pair of users!

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