Monday, 26 June 2017

Just Ignore the Sexist Knob.....

...who's doing the voiceover for this Pathe news clip from the '50s.  He's outrageously chauvinist and of his time.     This doesn't detract though from the amazing talent that these mere housewives exhibit once they'd been given  permission by their husbands to stop cleaning for a while and leave the home. I'm sure that they had to leave class on time to make sure that supper was on the table as soon as the menfolk walked through the door

Many of the designs are right up my street and will be inspiring for future work of my own.    I also like the idea of mounting the lino on board to stop it warping.  Adherence to sensible health and safety precautions seems a little thin on the ground.  I flinched as the woman was cutting the lino towards her hand.   I hope there was a first aid box handy.  Those tools can do some damage when they slip.

Back to that annoying announcer.  I'm quite puzzled by one of his remarks.  How can a cowboy possibly be better than a spaceman for bedtime?


  1. That voice is familiar but I cannot put a name to it. He was rather condescending wasn't he? Probably did not like the idea of women having anything in their pretty little heads than tomorrow's meals. xx

    1. I can sort of imagine him with his briefcase walking through the door of a suburban home after a day of producing voiceovers and expecting to find his wife in her pinny! xx