Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Posh Puzzles

Every year as part of her lovely Christmas open house celebrations in Exmouth my wonderful friend, the Second Martha Stewart buys a  Wentworth jigsaw puzzle.  These are beautiful but extraordinarily complicated.  Each piece has no straight lines.  It makes them a bugger to complete.

Last year's puzzle, 'Triskelion' was passed onto me to try at home It had been finished in what seemed like a flash by Martha's guests.  The suggested time of completion on the box said something like a couple of hours.  But be blowed if it didn't flummox me and Louis.  We'd been trying to get it done for months now.  Just as we thought we'd cracked it we'd notice a segment where we'd put one of the many identically shaped pieces in the wrong place and try as we might we couldn't get it right.  I'll confess that we'd all but given up on the blasted thing.

When Spiky Kay and Red Mel came to visit the other weekend they came to the rescue.  Hey presto we now have a completed puzzle.  I'll just accept that some people have a much better aptitude for fine detail. I won't be breaking this up any time soon now the conundrum has been solved.  I still don't trust my ability to put it all back together again!


  1. Looks spectacular - is this part of the whole picture? Don't put it away just yet..

  2. Yes it is - I was trying to be arty! The whole picture can be found on Wentworth's website. xx

  3. That is stunning. I would try and frame it...

    1. Ha! Have enough trouble getting around to framing normal pictures let alone jigsaws! xx