Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Stumpy Brushes

Photo: The Independent

These fascinated me.   What stories they could tell.   They are Edward Munch's gnarly old paintbrushes.  It just goes to show that you don't need the finest materials and equipment to create masterpieces - or look after your kit very well.   'The Scream' sold for a record $119 million dollars in 2012.   I'm particularly taken with the third from the left.  It looks like Munch  did not just use it for painting.  Perhaps it ended up so stumpy because he used it for scouring something.  The second from the right hand end looks like the type of brush that might be given away free on the front of a kid's comic.

Adobe have digitally recreated these through clever 3D wizardry..  Photoshop and Sketch users can use them to paint their own version of one of the world's most iconic paintings.  They could be in with a chance of winning a trip to Vegas and five grand for their troubles.


  1. This is off topic but last night we had your sausage stew for the second time. I switched the carrots for mushrooms as I really like mushrooms with sausage. The first time I made it with chorizo sausage which was nice and spicy. This time I had bought beef sausages in error. I didn't think they would go with a planned bacon and egg breakfast so I used them in the sausage stew. They went really well. We had ours with rice. Being as there are only the two of us, each time I froze half for another meal. It freezes perfectly.

    1. Love the randomness of the comment! Sounds great. Like a mushroom myself but Lou isn't so keen. I have a broad food repertoire but am not sure I've ever had a beef sausage. Must try. xx