Saturday, 3 June 2017

Technicolor Trees

For work I have been driving the same route for thirteen years now, ploughing along the  A-road between Totnes and Kingsbridge on an almost daily basis.  Maybe I've spent twelve and a  half of those on autopilot with a mind full of stuff. Sometimes it's productive, planning creative projects or just preparing for a difficult visit ahead.  But mostly it's been rubbish filled thoughts, going over things that have happened again and again, worrying, reliving past hurt. anxiety about the future.  I'm sure that there's a few out there who know the kind of thing.

Although I've practised mindfulness for a good decade I've always been pretty distractable.  But more lately I've been more successful in curing those thoughts and just being with nature while I motor along.    And my world is now in technicolor now I notice it.  Honest!  It must be like being on psychedelic substance even though I've not had any first hand experience of those.  A few puffs of a couple of joints are my total experience of illicit druggy use.  There!  That's scuppered my chances of ever becoming the US president!

I perceive the quality of light, little flowers in bud and  when I'm forced to stop to let a lorry pass.  But the trees are what I'm noticing the most.  There are some on route that I've become familiar with for the first time.  I'm seeing for the first time how they change with the seasons, the budding, blossoming and unfurling of leaves.  And then there are those that have been bowed by the westerly winds that predominate around here.

I'd love to be able to take photos to show you their majesty but I can't.  It would be a bit dangerous and many are sited in places where I'd be unable to stop anyway.   So, these are the ones that are near the entrance to the campsite.   I took some pictures of them on foot.  I've had plenty of time as I pass to admire their magnificence this week.

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