Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Temporary Chaos

Little things please little minds.  My newly tidied wardrobe is a joy.  No more rummaging around to try and find a piece of clothing, exacerbating the problem in the process.  I've become a bit of an evangelist, showing off my neat knicker drawer at every opportunity.    The tallboy where Louis now keeps his clothes has had a bit of a makeover too.  Even the messy pup who calls me OCD at shows the first signs of conversion.

This is a bit of a confessional photo.  It shows my craft area at the start of the weekend.  It's not usually in such a huge state of disarray.  Funnily enough the tidying process has made it worse than usual.  I've been turning it upside to find boxes to use for storage!   I have to say though it's been becoming increasingly messy over the months as I've tried to find homes for more stuff to be stored. It's the next space in my house to get my own variant of 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Treatment'.  If she read this the author Marie Kondo would be tutting.  She does not advocate doing one room at once.  But each to their own.   I've gone off-piste!

I'm hoping to show the cleansed space in about a week.  It will be all zen calm by then.   Work is underway.   The drawer units that housed rush baskets with all my tools in have gone.  You can just see them on the right hand side of the picture.  On the hottest day in June for forty one years I spent my lunch break at the recycling centre getting rid of the wooden frames.   They were stacked precariously and I risked life and limb every time I tried to retrieve a screwdriver.  There's more space now to move, for energy to flow.

And making space seems to be a theme in my life at the moment, in my head, environment and in my day to day routines.  What I'm hoping is for my newly ordered workspace to be someone which inspires creativity rather than dread.   All I need will be as easily on hand as my underwear is now!

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