Monday, 24 July 2017

Cool With It

Photos:  The Poke

I think I may have been hit upon by a lady at Chagstock.  She was all over me like a rash and then expressed a desire to take me home.  Even though she appeared to  be a sweetie I declined.  Although 'Never Say Never' is one of my mantras it seems that sexually,  my preference so far is for the male of the species however unfathomable they are.

I have plenty of gay friends though.  They bring a rainbow of colour into my life.  Today's post is for them.  Cheeky Jesus making a stand gave me a good giggle.


  1. I used to get hit on by women rather a lot about 20 years ago. Perhaps it was the short hair, trousers and motorbike that did it! xx

    1. Ironic then that I become alluring when I shed the cropped hair and become more girly and fluffy? xx