Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Horticultural Inheritance

I must 'do' my garden but alas I'm not naturally green fingered.  I'm like my friend Salty Dog.  She put in an offer on a house in Cornwall with a massive garden the other day. Then her parents dissuaded her from buying it and she withdrew from the sale.  'I don't know what I was thinking!' she told me.  'I struggle looking after a chilli plant.'  And so it is with me.  I never got the gardening bug.

But I thought I'd show you these guys that adorned the garden of my late sister Esther.  Now she was horticulturally attuned.  They need a home that is less of a wilderness so perhaps they'll spur me into action.  I didn't have oodles in common with my sister.  We were quite different but both had a keen interest in Easter Island.  A past life connection perhaps?  Anyway I hope to go there one day and lay flowers in front of one of those big Moai in her memory.  She never went herself so maybe it's my responsibility to go for both of us.

I thought that I might replant them with some wild whacky hair.   Grasses perhaps? But maybe I'll keep what's in there. The close cropped succulents seem to suit them.


  1. Plant one with wild wacky hair (I suggest a Carex comans 'Bronze') and keep the other the succulent - to represent each of you xxx

    1. What a brilliant idea. Will do that! xx