Monday, 17 July 2017

In The Box

I'm still working with that Japanese tidying book even though I'm being a naughty little sausage and not keeping to the letter of the law. In her comment on my original post, Sol said that she'd lost interest when the author, Marie Kondo, recommended emptying your handbag nightly.  I'll admit to thinking it was  a bit of a daft idea as well.  But  hey ho, I thought that there'd be no harm in giving it a go.

A by-product of this tidying lark is that I now have loads of empty storage containers.  I re-purposed one, a rather gorgeous felt number from IKEA, as my 'handbag tippy out box' that I keep near the front door.  One advantage of the exercise is that any crap that's accumulated during the day, till receipts, sweet wrappers and the like get thrown away immediately rather than building up into  a mini model of Torbay tip at the bottom of the bag.  The other thing is that I only take out what's needed.  See that tape measure for example.  It's standard kit for an occupational therapist as one of the glamorous bits of our job for many of us is measuring toilets.  But I don't need it every day so it now stays at home more often than not.  As does my umbrella when I'm pretty sure that it's not going to rain.   My load is lighter as a consequence, literally and metaphorically.

I also use the box for things that need to leave the house.   Books I've borrowed  and read or ones of my one that I want to pass on, paperwork such as those return slips for school, things that need to go to the motorhome.  That two pin plug socket is going to be put in the van and the sticker that admits me to the quiet field at next weeks Chagstock is somewhere in there too.   Yes,  much to my surprise I'm sold on the idea.  It's a habit that's going to continue.


  1. I have a backpack I bring with me to work, that includes a few items from my handbag, my lunch and snacks, library books to return, etc. So every day I do end up going through my bag to wash the lunch containers, replace the books, select which purse items I need that day, etc. So - I guess I do this!

    1. Like the tipping out process. Nothing gets hidden. xx