Thursday, 6 July 2017

On Trend With Trader Joe

Louis and I headed on over to Exmouth on Tuesday evening to meet up with The Second Martha Stewart and her husband, Nigel.  They're over from the US.  Martha headed off to her office in London today so I came away with goodies!   It's traditional that she sends me home with a very full tummy and  all the leftovers from her fridge and food cupboards.  Each time she gives me my loot in a Trader Joe bag.

Trader Joe is a grocery store in the States.  Apparently they are quite like a Lidl, which incidentally Martha told me arrives in the US soon.  The bags, which depict the location of the shops have wonderful quirky designs.  Martha, bless her, knows that I love them and tries to give me a different one each time.   One serves as a colourful holdall for my washing powder.  So much nicer than a box with a picture of a washing machine door on it.   I found out that Ibiza Queen Vikki is a fan too.  She wandered into work the other day with lunch in a Trader Joe bag that isn't in my own collection.

Here's the back of the Boston bag which isn't out of keeping in Brixham at all.   If you look in the background you might be able to spot that our Breton map colouring project is coming on nicely. Anyone who sets foot in my house is nabbed and handed a handful of felt tip pens so they can do their bit.

In amongst my food loot was a gorgeous chicken salad with grapes, pineapple and grated carrot and celery.  Just the thing for a hot summer's day.  As I didn't have to prepare supper yesterday there was time for an after work swim down at the local cove.  It's a hard life being a stone's throw from a glorious beach but someone's got to live here.   The Trader Joe bag is just right repurposed as a beach bag and containing my towel!


  1. Glad to hear you are a fan of Trader Joe's - at least, of its shopping bags! I thought you might like to kniw a bit more about it and its connection with Aldi's. They were each started by two brothers in Germany, quite a long time ago.

    1. Will have a look. Interesting xx

  2. Well, I wish that Aldi would make such interesting bags!