Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Something's Working

I'm still sleeping through after a couple of weeks of kicking insomnia in the nuts. Wow!   This is something that I wouldn't have believed possible a few months back.   I run further, meditate daily, fret less...Thanks to that lovely Japanese lady my house is tidier and creativity is more free flowing.  I have created space. both physical and metaphysical, to spend time with the people that I love and by myself. Both good for I am as solitary as I am sociable.  Slowly but surely I'm still working on that natty little business with the aim of making life even more flexible.   Even though my work is just as demanding and potentially stressful I find that I can leave it behind at the end of the day.  In fact I often do that literally.  My laptop and paperwork stays in the office a lot more.  It only comes home when it suits me.

 Are other people noticing a difference?  I thought I'd ask Salty Dog the other day for an evaluation. I repeated the question to Louis yesterday in the car after school.  There was no hesitation.  He came up with pretty much the same answer. 'You're happier!'


  1. I often wonder how you fit it all in but it's obviously working. The response from Louis says it all and is all any of us can hope to achieve. X

    1. Reckon lack of TV is one of the ways I'm productive. I don't think I've watched any of my own volition this year. xx

  2. This is wonderful news, I am so pleased for you! JanF