Monday, 31 July 2017

Temporarily Childless:

I'll not see Louis for a fortnight now.  My metaphorical nest is empty.  He's with his dad and 'stepfamily' and  off to Amsterdam tomorrow.   Of course because I co-parent I'm used to being without him, though not for such a long time.

There's not a lot planned socially in his absence and I'll probably keep it that way, although I could be tempted down the pub if anyone's passing.  Of course if I was offered real adventure I'd probably jump at the chance.  I'm not the type that stays in and washes their hair!   It will be satisfying enough though to get on top of the boring stuff.  I'll  finish the decluttering without having someone around who immediately messes things up.  That's teenagers for you! There's a garden too to tidy that has to be done in small stages.  It's a difficult job for a hayfever sufferer who gets contact dermatitis and blows up like a big itchy balloon when exposed to most plants..

I could also  do with spending more time developing my little business rather than just blogging and building awareness on social media.   It would be wonderful to engineer it so there's extra pennies coming in.   But I also need to build up my running distance.  My bike needs to be taken for a service. And then there's preparation  for my own summer travels with Lou.  Brittany bound of course in Klaus the Knaus.  No surprises there! Picasso, coasteering and a water park is planned.   I'm getting together all my stuff and feasting on leftovers to leave my fridge empty when I go away. That's an easier task without a kid with a fussy palate.   Partly due to enthusiastic contributions of food from friends who came  to Chagstock with me, there's seventeen eggs to use up before I go. I forsee an omelette....or three or four.

Did I say it would be quiet?  Maybe not.  Life without Louis is just as busy, but different.


  1. Enjoy whatever you do when Louis is away. One year when my daughter was staying with a friend in Italy, I hoovered her bedroom carpet every day and her long hair was still coming out of it at the end of 3 weeks! She thought we had laid a new carpet when she came home. Catriona

    1. There are things that lurk in teenage bedrooms that are terrifying! xx