Thursday, 3 August 2017

A Duo of Genesis

I car shared with Ibiza Queen Vikki Plymouth bound for some training yesterday  'Shall we go in your's or mine?'  she asked.  No concert!  She has a twelve year old Mercedes which, in spite of its advancing years, is in near pristine condition, has leather seats and  Bose speakers.  We sang along to Genesis for we are both children of the sixties and this is music reminiscent of our teenage era. Here's a very youthful Phil before he lost his hair singing one of my favourite songs.   I saw the group performing this live at Wembley Arena on the Abacab tour way back in 1982.   So poignant that it make me tearful even though I bet no-one has a clue what the words mean.

 And I was going to stop but got carried away with all that musical reminiscence.  So I  couldn't resist adding another piece which touches my heart; A beautiful song which resonates with love.


  1. Thanks for reminding me about this song. Is it about the process of life being made? Catriona