Tuesday, 15 August 2017

A Tethering Miracle

Contentment has come upon us now that we're travelling around Brittany in our beloved motorhome. Perhaps our Romany ancestors followed similar paths and that's why my son and I are so comfortable with a nomadic lifestyle.  Here's the Rade de Brest.  I woke up near to its shores yesterday morning at sunrise and took this shot.   We've decided we'll be back to explore the city another time.  For reasons of timing around a French bank holiday when all shops shut for the day we moved on.  Today's distant view of the French Land's End is obscured by sea mist this morning so that's while my picture on this post isn't entirely current.

Another 'e-miracle' seems to have occurred.  I wrote about the timely arrival of a free powerbank the other day.   Now something else has fortuitous has happened in the realm of techno gadgetry.  I've tried unsuccessfully before to tether my laptop abroad using my phone as if it is a modem.   I do it all the time at home.  I thought I'd ordered a prepaid dongle  to provide separate Internet so I could blog and develop my business in the morning.  It'll use up nicely that time when I allow Louis to have a teenage lie-in. Something must have gone tits up during the purchasing process my dongle as it didn't arrive.  There's no trace of an order I'm certain I made.   Eeek!  Writing mini essays on a smartphone isn't fun.  I got fretful.  'Nothing ever works out for me!' was one of my unhelpful thoughts.

Except it has.  Tethering works fine this time around and I've saved myself seventy quid as a result of the 'mistake'.   I like to think of this as another of those things that I call miracles.  A vicar friend uses the term, 'blessings' which is more understated but we've agreed it describes the same events.  The quote from 'A Course in Miracles'  that currently sticks in my mind is about getting something different from what you've  asked for.   'Do you prefer that you be right or happy?' asks the text. Maybe that's why I haven't got lots of the things that I've prayed for.  Someone up there has my happiness and peace in mind instead.


  1. The holiday philosopher has landed. Your photo has given me a calm start to the day. I've written that phrase " Do you prefer that you be right or happy" at the top of my diary for today. Thank you. Catriona

  2. That was a beautiful view to wake up to. X

    1. The one I've got now is wonderful too. Just not as easy to photograph its magnificence. xx

  3. Replies
    1. More sea today as well. Inland bound by a river tomorrow. xx